Hybrid Concepts International (HCI) is a niche consulting and advisory firm serving the fields of cell therapy, ex vivo modified cell therapies (gene or non-gene modified), in vivo gene therapy, other regenerative medicines, tissue engineering, and cell-based drug discovery.  HCI primarily serves start-ups and innovative biotechs.  HCI also serves larger more established biotech and pharma alike, subcontracts for other consulting firms, and contracts with government organizations.  HCI can fulfill both i) project-specific, hourly rate consulting contracts, and ii) longer-term, more largely scoped, part-time, titled advisory contracts.  HCI operates for clients all around the world.

Partnering Objectives: Interact with industry, academia, government, and other stakeholders internationally in the cell & gene therapies, regenerative medicines, tissue engineering and cell-based drug discovery about how our Hybrid Concepts can help accelerate their goals.